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Group Training



If you have struggled with weight loss, then you know how challenging it can be to get motivated. Sometimes you don’t know if what you are doing is giving you the results you want, crave and or need. There are so many workout plans that are confusing and intimidating because they are complicated and do not give clear direction. Even in a gym class environment there is no way to know if you are improving. Are you receiving the appropriate advice? Is your technique any good? Are you achieving your potential? At Training For Warriors, our mantra is to help you Lose Weight, Gain Muscle and Feel Good. Our sole purpose is to give you the results you want, crave and need. We coach you through the programs so there is no doubt in your mind as to the direction your health journey will take you. In our group classes you will not only have a coach with you every day guiding and inspiring you but you will also have workout buddies feeling just the way you do all working towards the same goal. Group training is a wonderful way to build great friendships and a strong and fit body. One of the core philosophies of TFW is that you exercise in order to NOT get hurt, and to live a longer healthier life. 


To find your results all you need to give is 3-4 hours per week, to bring out the Warrior Within.

Hurricane Training


Hurricane Training is a form of metabolic conditioning that we use and incorporate into the Training for Warriors system, specifically designed to further the explosivity of an athlete.A ‘hurricane’ is a powerful, yet brief storm that leaves devastation in its wake; a destructive yet fleeting whirling dervish of annihilation that causes carnage which then, in turn requires renewal and rebuilding.Hurricane Training relies on the same rapid-fire destruction and subsequent renewal of a student’s body through the rest and recuperation period; maximal tension on the muscles and endurance for a short time, and then maximized recovery. This technique has been used to produce both the physical results and world titles many TFW warriors have achieved. TFW founder Martin Rooney first used this method fifteen years ago with his stable of fighters to mimic the demands of a mixed martial arts match and its unique requirements of speed, strength and sustainable endurance.Regardless of your particular athletic or physical goals; Hurricane Training has been proven to optimize the process of turning your body into a high powered machine of speed, strength, with maximal aesthetic and athletic gains made through the application of this system.In nature, the more powerful a hurricane is, the more devastation is left in its destructive wake. As a result of storm intensity, there is more time, energy and resources that have to be spent to rebuild the region bigger and better than before. When you apply this same principle of intensity and destruction in the gym, you can take advantage of numerous metabolic and hormonal responses that will produce unprecedented results.  Hurricane workouts are short and challenging, but worth it when you are stronger, more explosive and at a lower body fat as a result.The only warning is as follows; be prepared to get comfortable being uncomfortable. But remember, the ends justify the means.